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ED-SEN Consulting is an IT consulting company in digital transformation in Indonesia which provides reliable and comprehensive solutions. ED-SEN can help expand your business in IT management and advisory, consulting, and providing solutions.

We provide various professional service to our clients with the combination of best practice and our expertise like process transformation or process improvement consulting, strategy consulting, until product selection and implementation.

We Are Confidence To Provide Corporate Solution For Those Problem With :


Qualified and experienced consultant who are expert in their field


Best practice based solution approach that is effective and efficient


Development Lifecycle Framework will speed up the implementation and have the definite result with a neat administration


innovating knowledge in order to achieve an organization long term objective

ED-SEN Consulting prepares the future of technology by focusing on cloud technologies from end-to-end before the company started to develop another form of technology.

ED-SEN Consulting believes that all those technologies are still partly new in the Indonesian market. So, by adopting new technology, the company believes that the Indonesian market wide open the door wide for many opportunities. Technologies nowadays are rapidly changing to fulfill the needs of every organization business,

such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, and are massively developed by greatly influencing today’s innovations. ED-SEN Consulting combines cloud technology with certified resources and high experience in their respective fields to assist your company in implementing various types of systems.

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